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Finding something you love is easy at our stores and online shop. And that purchase is more important than you might realize. By shopping fair trade, you are supporting makers in the developing world. The more products we sell, the more orders we can place through our artisan partner groups, and that means more dignified and sustainable employment opportunities become available to the people who need it most.


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As a nonprofit enterprise, we rely on more than 1,000 volunteers to help us accomplish our mission. Volunteers help out with many aspects of our operations, from the warehouse to the sales floor. Find out how you can give back and volunteer.

join our staff

We strive to be an employer of choice for exceptional people. We welcome highly motivated and well-qualified team members who are committed to the people-driven mission behind our work. We offer rewarding employment opportunities in our growing retail store network across the country, and at our home office and warehouse in Akron and Brownstown, Pa. Look for job openings.

host a festival sale

Our Festival Sale program allows our merchandise to be sold without the large investment a year-round store requires. Festival Sales bring a global marketplace of fair trade items to communities for a short-term event where individuals and groups can support the mission of Ten Thousand Villages. If you would like to host a Festival Sale in your community, let us know.

carry our products

Ten Thousand Villages carries a wide variety of handmade, fair trade items from around the world. As a wholesale customer, you may purchase these products for resale in your store. For more information, please fill out the wholesale customer information request form to indicate your interest.

Download a brochure that details wholesale customer options —
opening a Ten Thousand Villages store, hosting a festival sale, or starting an alliance store account.

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