A gift that gives twice.

Individuals attending the Solar Power International convention in September were treated to a special fair trade gift from Ten Thousand Villages as part of a giveaway from SunEdison.

SunEdison, manufacturers of advanced solar technology that encourages cost-efficient electricity and clean energy production, requested a group of four fair trade items from Ten Thousand Villages to give away as gifts to those stopping by their booth at SPIcon 2015 in Anaheim, California last month.

Coconut soap handcrafted in India, Java Sunset Scarves from Indonesia, She Lip Butter from Ghana, and Mandala Green Spectacle Cases from Nepal completed the giveaway packages. Fair trade promotes ethical practices, safe working conditions, environmental stability, and fair wages. Each of these items is handmade and crafted with a blend of traditional and modern design.

Ten Thousand Villages offers opportunities to order products at bulk. Gifting fair trade items encourages an ethical market and promotes fair treatment of makers around the world. Many organizations order for conventions, company parties, ceremonies, and other special events. Ten Thousand Villages was excited to offer this experience along with SunEdison—a company focused on delivering cost-effective electricity and power throughout the globe.

Check out SunEdison's website to explore their mission, values, and upcoming projects.

If you are curious about ordering a bulk order for a special event, or to inquire about options, feel free to call Ten Thousand Villages at 877-883-8341 or fill out an online form.

Ten Thousand Villages proudly supplies 100% fair trade products since 1946.