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August 2015 - Wanderlust

August 2015


earthy essence

Nature's patterns are recreated with smooth strips of wood that surround the wrist. An organic statement piece for certain. Oft traveled by folklore, forests have inspired the artistry of generations, including the makers of these handcrafted pieces, new for fall. Natural stones, leaf motifs and raw textures create a timeless, magical connection to the earth.

bohemian beauty

Recycled silk takes on new life when it meets the path of the maker's stitch. Kantha work, taught by mothers and grandmothers to girls throughout South Asia, is a woman's diary, created to tell her story through thread. And so through the beautiful embellishments of embroidery, etching, embossing and beadwork, each of these free-spirited fall pieces becomes a cherished story for you to wear.

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