ACOGIPRI – Cooperative Association of the Integral Pro-Rehabilitation Independent Group – was formed by a group of young people with physical disabilities. They did so to alleviate the economic difficulties of people with low incomes and physical disabilities who cannot otherwise obtain stable work. In addition to the group’s workshop, Shicali Ceramics, ACOGIPRI provides assistance to people with disabilities living in San Salvador, works on legislative issues affecting people with disabilities, educates the public about disabilities and advocates for increased accessibility. ACOGIPRI runs a literacy program for deaf adults, a job search program for handicapped youth and support groups for women. Shicali Ceramics offers artistic training and employment in making a variety of ceramics for table and kitchen. The workers, about three-quarters of whom are deaf, have had little formal education but have developed excellent skills creating pottery. Their work receives high regard in El Salvador, especially for the unusual blue glaze technique they have developed through many years of hard work. Shicali workers become co-owners of the operation and share all profits.

ACOGIPRI was founded in 1981.

Ten Thousand Villages purchases ceramic bowls and bathroom accessories, mugs and tableware from ACOGIPRI. Ten Thousand Villages has purchased products from ACOGIPRI since 1998.

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Shicali Ceramics Workshop

ACOGIPRI’s primary operation is Shicali Ceramics, which employs ten artisans on a regular basis. ACOGIPRI’s other activities include public advocacy, finding appropriate employment opportunities for members and obtaining funding to enable home-bound individuals to work in their homes.

Shicali Ceramics has been successful in developing individual workers’ artistic and technical abilities.

Nery Roqe has worked with Shicali Ceramics and ACOGIPRI for six years. His talent is painting; currently his specialty is a fish-motif serving bowl. Roqe, who is deaf, finds work with ACOGIPRI, which provides an opportunity for him to earn a livelihood with dignity.

Ten Thousand Villages purchases ceramic bowls, mugs and tableware from ACOGIPRI.

Ten Thousand Villages has purchased products from ACOGIPRI since 1998.

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