Unimex Hanoi

Unimex Hanoi is an import/export company that does local and export marketing for workshop-based artisans. They work with artisans in the traditional ceramic-making village of Bat Trang, just east of Hanoi, where most Ten Thousand Villages Vietnamese tableware is made, as well as many other artisans throughout northern Vietnam. Unimex works with small buyers and workshops who would otherwise not find one another. Benefits to artisans include loans, training and product development.

Unimex was founded in 1962. Unimex was one of the first organizations to export to North America after the United States normalized trade relations in 1994.

Ten Thousand Villages purchases baskets, ceramic and crackle glaze kitchen items, chopsticks, lacquerware boxes and bamboo items from Unimex. Ten Thousand Villages has purchased products from Unimex since 1994.

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