Coconut Monkey

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  • Description

    Handcrafted monkey is made from all-natural materials. Monkey’s body is made from coconut fiber; rope is abaca fiber. Abaca is a banana-like tree with a slender trunk and thin leaves. The fine strands of its fibers are woven into fabrics with a wooden loom. The fibers are also used for making cordage and ropes.

    • Coir, abaca fiber rope
    • 13H inches
    • Made in the Philippines

    UPC Code: 732919464924

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    • So cute!
      . . . . .

      Who doesn't like a hanging monkey? Cute for a kid's room or tiki bar!...

  • Artisan
    Community Crafts Association

    Community Crafts AssociationCommunity Crafts Association of the Philippines, popularly known as CCAP, is a social development NGO committed to the development and empowerment of community–based Filipino artisans. CCAP provides marginalized artisans with export promotion and marketing assistance. Read more.

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  • So cute!

    . . . . .

    Who doesn't like a hanging monkey? Cute for a kid's room or tiki bar!

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