Kitenge Chenille Scarf

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This infinity scarf brings all the bold colors of African fashion in the form of kitenge cloth. Kitenges are African garments similar to the sarong. Made of bold patterned cloth, the kitenge is sometimes used as a head scarf or baby sling. Women wrap the kitenge around their body like a sarong. Men sometimes wear the kitenge around the waist. Kitenge cloth comes in a great variety of colors and patterns, often with religious, tribal or political designs.

  • Chenille, cotton
  • 62Lx8W inches
  • Handcrafted in Tanzania

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Kwanza Collection

Kwanza Collection

Kwanza (which means "first" in Swahili) exports the handicrafts of 800 batik artisans, potters, woodcarvers and artisans making musical instruments and textiles in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, and other areas of the country.

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