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Every penny you donate during our G2LD fundraiser will go to help us enrich our Community Outreach and Education programs. 

Our goal at Ten Thousand Villages isn't simply to sell product for our artisans. It is to be a link to the consumer and the maker. It's to put a face and a story behind every product. It's to educate our community about the importance of fair trade and ethical consumerism. Our organization is deeply rooted in our community outreach programs and these programs are a part of our history, our present and our future! 

Our organization actively promotes our mission, our artisans and their products by going out into the Lincoln community to tell their stories. We give presentations to groups all over the Lincoln area, free of charge, about fair trade!

Educational Programs Available: 

• Empowering Women Through Fair Trade
• Fair Trade 101: History and Principles of the Fair Trade Movement
• Fair Trade and the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle)
• Preventing Human Trafficking Through Fair Trade
• Handmade Hannah: Fair Trade for Children, Youth & Multiage Groups

Offsite Sale Fundraising Opportunities 

We also bring our products and mission out into the community through offsite sales and booths. We love any opportunities to sell our handicrafts at churches, festivals, conferences and other community events. Our offsite sale program is also a way for churches, organizations and other community groups to raise money for their own projects and missions.  When you host an offsite sale for Ten Thousand Villages, you get a portion of the profits from the sale.

We also strive to create culturally diverse and educational events in our store on a regular basis. We organize in store events such as our International Women's Day Celebration and World Fair Trade Day Celebration. We host groups from the diverse Lincoln community to share their art, talent, and culture with customers and event attendees. We try to create a sense of community in our store that reflects and celebrates our amazing city. 

We have an Education and Community Outreach and Events Committee comprised mostly of volunteers and a few staff members. This committee works hard to bring our mission out to you and educate the vibrant Lincoln community about the importance of fair trade. We would love to expand our Community Outreach even more and this is why we are asking for donations this year on Give to Lincoln Day.

You can help us reach even more people and in turn, keep the cycle of ethical consumerism growing.

Ten Thousand Villages Lincoln’s History 

Ten Thousand Villages Lincoln was started by a small group of people right here in Lincoln 35 years ago. 

These people saw a unique opportunity to affect change in alleviating poverty on a global scale, specifically with marginalized people in developing nations. They started very small, by purchasing fair trade handicrafts and selling them in their church basement. As they were able to purchase more and more, they realized they could think even bigger and start a store to support these artisan makers all over the globe! They eventually opened a store front and kept on growing into the non-profit, fair trade store we are today. We are our own non-profit organization, with our own board of directors and a large pool of committed volunteers! 

Alleviating poverty on a global scale can happen and it can happen from right here in Lincoln! Think global and act local. Donate to Ten Thousand Villages Lincoln today! 

Give to Lincoln Day Donations