Lombok Chili Pot (Large)

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Hand-formed by women potters of Lombok, Indonesia, this piece is low fired over a wood fire and packed in straw. Before firing, the pots are burnished with a mixture of fine clay, water and oil, then rubbed with a smooth stone or hard object. This compacts and strengthens the pot’s surface, and creates a sheen that enhances the colors and marks created by firing. Perfect for clay pot cooking, from oven to table.

Size and Details

  • Ceramic
  • 9Dx6H inches
  • Holds 2 quarts
  • Made in Indonesia

UPC Code: 732919471588

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Lombok Pottery Center

Lombok Pottery CenterLombok Pottery Center is a collection of four cooperatives of potters in Lombok, Indonesia. The potters of Lombok create their pieces using the traditional firing method of burying the pots in the ground, surrounded by coconut husk and burning the husks to fire the pots. Read more.

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