2013 Year In Review – Ten Thousand Villages Most Popular Products

2013 Top 10 Scarves & Bags

2013 Top Ten Scarves and Bags - Ten Thousand Villages

  1. Waterfall Painted Scarf 2. Blue Nights Scarf 3. Island Hills Infinity Scarf 4. Fringed Alpaca Cape (in-store item) 5. Sari Shop Slouchy Bag 6. Denim Bluesy Scarf 7. Floral Knit Headband 8. Guatemalan Headband (in-store item) 9. Mercurial Allure Scarf 10. Shivapuri Headband


2013 Top 10 Jewelry

2013 Top Ten Jewelry - Ten Thousand Villages

  1. Silver Angel Pin 2. The Hope Necklace 3. Sea Horizon Earrings 4. Rapt Heart Necklace 5. Sky Stone Ring 6. Leaf Capiz Earrings 7. Jasmine Bud Earrings 8. Flight of Silver Bracelet 9. Metal Disk Cluster Earrings 10. Blue Rhapsody Earrings

2013 Top 10 Gifts

2013 Top Ten Gifts - Ten Thousand Villages

  1. Wooden Eyeglasses Rest 2. Sacred Sari Throw 3. Assorted Animal Finger Puppets (in-store item) 4. Inscribed Singing Bowl 5. Paisley Cotton Robe 6. Ashtamangal Singing Bowl 7. Phoenician Glass Goblet 8. ‘Big Cheese’ Knife 9. Mouse Cheese Knife 10. Daily News Mini Mat

2013 Top 10 Holiday

2013 Top Holiday - Ten Thousand Villages

  1. Olive Branch Dove Ornament 2. Bright Circles Angel Ornament 3. Nativity Gourd Ornament 4. Mountain Tea Light Nativity 5. Double Star Nativity Ornament 6. Gourd Owl Ornament 7. Light and Peace Nativity 8. Heavenly Blue Angel Ornament 9. Joyful Andean Family Nativity 10. Gold Paper Star Ornament




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