Fall Into Ten Thousand Villages – Autumn Home Decor

Allow wilderness to cross the threshold – Haven fall collection – Autumn home decor

Late summer light turns golden, shadows grow long and we prepare spaces of refuge and rest for autumn, a time of coming home and turning in. This collection carries the wilderness across the threshold, creating a homey haven full of natural features. Forms of flora and fauna are recalled in tokens of the wild, cast in woodland colors, like blazing orange, earthy mushroom and hushed charcoal.

Smooth, hard surfaces of wood, horn and stone settle into soft, nubby fabric textures. With rough edges and irregular shapes, they are imperfect but unspoiled. Blankets woven in chevron, ikat and ethnic patterns are cherished emblems of tradition and protection. The autumn home becomes a sanctuary of survival and preservation.

However you choose to spend this autumn season, build yourself a haven from the wintry chills ahead with some of these gems:

Oak Leaf Bowl – Oak leaves hammered from copper and iron extend outward for a forest-like form.  This bowl captures the luminescence of an autumn sunset shining through leaves turned golden.

Haven - Autumn Home Decor

Spice Kitchen Shakers –  Spice up your meals in warm autumn colors with these striped, turned wood salt and pepper shakers.  Perfect for a harvest table setting, red, orange, yellow and green are reminiscent of the changing leaves on the other side of your windowpane.

Haven - Autumn Home Decor

Citronella Incense Holder – Terracotta acts as a sturdy enclosure for smoldering scent.  The wisps of smoke will curl unfurling from the cutaway design to create hypnotic movement and a scent sure to soothe.  Incense is an easy way to create an ambient atmosphere.

Nakshi Kantha Pillow – Stitched by women in the traditional Nakshi Kantha fashion, pillows from Bangladesh tell a story with every thread.  Lounge and lean, stay inside and unwind with a cup of tea and your favorite book.

Meadow Morning Nesting Tables – Liven up the colors and textures of your room with wooden Nesting Tables.  What more appropriate furniture for the season of nesting and nestling in?

La Sierra Throw – As blustery days blow swiftly your way, wrap up and stay warm in a cozy chenille throw blanket.  Lovingly hand-woven by artisans in Ecuador.

Haven - Autumn Home Decor

Indian Summer Garland – Delicate adornment, dyed in shades soft as an Indian summer. Make summer’s beauty stretch across the seasons with a garland of hand-woven palm leaf flowers.

Leaf Fall Harvest Basket – Baskets spiraling in shades of browns, reds, oranges and rust can be used to contain a natural centerpiece of vibrant leaves and pine cones.  Bring nature inside to create your own decor, encapsulated in hand-woven kaisa and jute.

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