Back to School with Serendipity

Prepare your student for a great return to school with accessories from Ten Thousand Villages. Sometimes, all a girl needs is a little dash of color to make her feel bright.

Going back to school can be a tough transition for some kids. It’s easy to get caught up in the dream of perpetual summer, so a little incentive at the start of the school year goes a long way towards making her feel excited to learn and make new friends.

 Alternative Text Back to School with Fair Trade Jewelry

The Serendipity collection incorporates pops of bright color against darker backgrounds— all made from interesting materials such as natural seeds, tagua nut, and even recycled maps, every item from Ten Thousand Villages is always fair trade and finely crafted by artisans around the world.

Worried about spending too much on your student’s accessories? Worry not!

Back to School with Fair Trade JewelryHandcrafted and fair trade doesn’t mean more expensive. Because the materials in these accessory pieces are sustainable or recycled, they can be made at a low cost. And since fair trade eliminates the middle-man, there are no extra, mysterious fees in the final retail price.

The money that you spend helping your own student be ready for school also helps provide children in developing countries with opportunities to grow and learn. In many countries, children must enter the workforce at a very young age because their families do not have the income necessary to send them to school.  But if a family can earn a steady income, they will be able to provide for their child’s education, making a better life for future generations.

Your student can be proud to show how unique she is, and maybe even spark an interest in other countries and cultures too, with her new accessory handmade in a different country.

Just because summer vacation is over, doesn’t mean that fun is done.

Back to School with Fair Trade JewelryMeaning “fortuitous happenstance,” serendipity is about allowing good things to come your way. And what better time than the start of a school year to look forward to new beginnings? Let good fortune to smile upon you.  Allow opportunities to find you for the future.

Looking good helps us feel good. So make sure your student looks and feels her best with bright colors and unique accessory pieces.


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