Brown and Black


Brown & Black—Breaking Fashion Conventions for 2014

Ever been told not to wear a brown belt with black shoes?  Well throw that fashion “don’t” out the window because 2014 is all about individuality—finding a style to call your very own and breaking free of boring rules.

Mixing neutrals (like brown and black) in one ensemble is a great place to start an eye-catching look that will be entirely your own.  And if you find the right accessories, no one will even remember that brown and black are supposed to clash.

Here are a few fair trade accessories that will help you pull off that new look:


Batik Earrings— Batik treatment gives these wood ovals an enchanting element. Batik painting on wood, like batik on fabric, is a centuries-old dyeing technique. First the artisan hand-traces and hand-paints an original design on the wood. Next, hot wax is applied where color is not required. The material is then dyed and the wax removed, leaving only the original design. Each color in a design represents a separate dyeing and waxing process.

5408490_1Domino Evening Bag— “Domino dots” in contrasting shades of horn. Stitched-on water buffalo horn squares give this purse a flexible sheen. Artisans cut water buffalo horn, then heat the horn to soften it. Once soft, they open the horn and spread it flat. They cut desired shapes with a jigsaw and sand them smooth.

Whistle Bird Keychain—This little bird always sings on “key.” Hand-carved from natural horn, blow into it and it whistles!  If you’re wearing your keys on your belt, this little fellow will make them look like a fashion statement, instead of a practical necessity.


So think twice the next time you find yourself trying to match your black dress with black shoes.  And dare to accessorize for an interesting, cutting-edge look.


  • Jane

    Ten Thousand Cheers for the banishment of the black & brown rule ! Mosaic’s looking and sounding great, too !