Christmas Ornaments – 10 Ways to Theme Your Tree

Whether you’re looking for tradition or fun, here are 10 inspiring themes for your Christmas Ornaments. Fair trade ornaments represent time-honored traditions and cultures, while providing a sustainable income for artisans around the world.


1. Feliz Navidad Tree

 Retablo Nativity Star - Christmas OrnamentsDescending Dove Ornament Christmas OrnamentsCat Gourd Ornament

Celebrate the holidays with artisans from Central and South America – Bring their varied art and traditions into your home with these nativity, cross and gourd ornaments.

2. Animal House Tree

Swinging Monkey OrnamentKitenge Elephant OrnamentSoft-Hearted Lion Ornament

We all love our furry friends. This tree celebrates all the creatures that you hold near and dear. Shop for everything from monkeys to elephants to lions!

3. Bells

Blue Ribbon Bell Ornament Christmas Bell OrnamentPhoenician Bell Glass Ornament

Use a bell themed tree to “ring” in the holidays and new year.  Hand-blown glass from Nepal, paper bells from Vietnam, or swirled Phoenician glass from the West Bank are all festive decorations.

4. Upcycled Tree

Christmas Goose OrnamentOrange Peel Angel OrnamentGood News Star Ornament

Take a look at the creative uses our artisans have for everything from nuts and bolts to orange peels. Show your love for the earth by bringing them into your home decor to celebrate an environmentally friendly holiday season.

5. African Tree

Maasai Woman & Child OrnamentGecko Ornament  Guardian Angel Ornament

From Zimbabwe to South Africa, join artisans  in celebration of African culture. The Maasai Woman & Child OrnamentGecko Ornament and Guardian Angel Ornament represent just a sample of the rich cultural history of the African continent.

6. Classic Tree

Bright Holidays Ornament Ball Christmas OrnamentsCozy Felt Stocking Ornament Christmas OrnamentsSnow Song Glass Ornament Christmas Ornaments

For those who like to keep it classic, choose from some of our longtime favorites to create a Traditional Tree. Classics like the Bright Holidays Ornament BallCozy Felt Stocking and Snow Song Ornament bring the magic of Christmas to life.

7. Partridge in a Pear Tree

Quizzical Owl Ornament Flying Swan Ornament Strolling Bird Ornament

Honor the classics with a festive bird tree. From owls to swans, all of our winged friends deserve their place in the sun… or the glow of twinkling lights.

8. White Christmas Tree

Snow Yeti Ornament Christmas OrnamentsSun Ray Snowflake Ornament Christmas Ornaments Carved Stone Nativity Ornament Christmas Ornaments

Even in the warmer climates, everyone dreams of snow at the holidays. Why not add it to your tree to guarantee a White Christmas? A snowflake, white nativity scene or even a fun white yeti ornament will give your tree that special snowy touch.

9. Sparkle and Shine Tree

Glass Snowflake Ornament Christmas Ornaments Filigree Reindeer Ornament Christmas OrnamentsGood Cheer Snowflake Ornament Christmas Ornaments 

For those who need a little glitz in your life, this tree will give you some shiny indulgences. Artisans work with a variety of materials including hand blown glasssilver-plated copper and filigree brass and  to add that special shine to your tree.

10. Peace on Earth Tree

Peaceful Holidays Ornament Olive Branch Dove Ornament Christmas OrnamentsPeace Dove Ornament Christmas Ornaments 

Especially at the holidays, we are reminded how truly important peace is to our world. The Peaceful Holidays Ornament from South Africa, Olive Branch Dove Ornament from the Philippines and Peace Dove Ornament from the West Bank are just three examples of the beautiful work that comes out of areas in turmoil. These simple ornaments can help create unity in your home and in our world.

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What’s the best ornament theme you’ve found for your tree?



  • Anne Wolf

    Both the Good News Star and gecko are great

    • Ten Thousand Villages

      Hi, Anne

      You won! We totaled up over 200 comments on our Facebook and Mosaic posts and you were one of five randomly chosen winners! Please send us a private message on our Facebook page with your shipping info and we’ll have your ornament theme to you ASAP. Thank you for supporting fair trade artisans around the world!

      • Anne Wolf

        Address on Facebook message….

        • Anne Wolf

          The African Tree theme, thanks!

  • Marite Michael

    I love the upcycled tree…the Good News Star in particular!!!! Creatively reusing things is right up my alley! Merry Christmas!!!!!

  • Willow

    love the upcycled tree

  • Barbara Roehl

    I love them all but Peace on Earth Tree seems appropriate especially since Nelson Mandela’s death.

  • Edie

    I’d choose the elephant to give to my daughter.

  • Jenny Fischer Derksen

    Great ideas. I love the white. White on white is always so classic and white on a pine tree just feels so much like home.

  • Gina Marshall

    We recently visited your Cincinnati store to pick up some ornaments from Guatemala. My son and I make that a tradition each year so he can celebrate his birth place. I personally like the sparkle and shine theme

  • Rachel Hammersley

    I love the classic look with reds and golds but I’ve always wanted to try the white theme, I think it is so elegant and classy. My favorite color too!

  • Juanita David Ross

    Love them all..but really like the elephant!

  • Paige Pelot

    The Peace on Earth Tree is my favorite

  • Laura LeBlanc Burnett

    White Christmas tree is my favorite!! Love Ten Thousand Villages, thank you for bringing all of these beautiful items for us to enjoy and purchase!