Elephant Appreciation At Ten Thousand Villages

Elephant Appreciation Day is September 22… Check out some of our elephant inspired gifts from around the world and see how we’re celebrating this year!

Pondering Peaceful Pachyderms

As an ancient symbol of power, dignity, intelligence and peace, the elephant has been depicted in art throughout history. First appearing as far back as cave-painting times, this gentle giant has maintained relevance in art to this very day! Elephants have been the subject of works by artists including Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali.

A timeless symbol that will never fall out of style, the culturally symbolic figure of the elephant holds a nostalgic and culturally rich feeling that is warming to the home.

Elephant Bookends Elephant Appreciation Day

These stone elephant bookends make the perfect guardians for all your favorite stories and poems. With their quiet strength and profound memories, you can take comfort in their presence, knowing they will keep all your best journal entries confidential.

Asian Elephant Mug - Elephant Appreciation

Herd of Asian Elephant Mugs

Asian Elephant Mugs from Ten Thousand Villages

Elephant Appreciation Day

Instagram photo by @queensedeen at the 2013 Elephant Appreciation Day celebration at Ten Thousand Villages in Harrisonburg

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