Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hard to Shop For Dad

Because his Father’s Day gift should be as unique as he is.


For the Innovator | Ethical Father's Day Gifts — frame | Ten Thousand Villages, #LiveLifeFair

Father's Day Gifts

The Innovator

You know the type of guy we’re talking about. He can fix anything with a hammer, some duct tape, and maybe a wire hanger or two. He’s innovative and inventive, and he loves to bring new life to old things. A sturdy, reusable bottle carrier made of jute, or a photo frame made with repurposed bike chains will satisfy his inner MacGyver this Father’s Day.


Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day Gifts | Truck Wire Sculpture

The Adventurer

He’s got a daring spirit and a keen sense of adventure. He can navigate flight booking sites and find the best deals like nobody’s business. Celebrate his love of travel with the Wanderer’s Compass from India or the Truck Wire Sculpture from Kenya.


For Sometimes Forgetful | Ethical Father's Day Gifts — Clock & Eyeglass Holder | Ten Thousand Villages, #LiveLifeFair

The Sometimes Forgetful

Let’s face it. He probably has a lot on his mind. Help him keep his thoughts (and things) in order this Father’s Day. The Erase Time Clock is made from slate, so he can write reminders on it with chalk and the Wooden Eyeglasses Rest will keep his glasses in an easy to find spot.


For the Man About Town | Ethical Father's Day Gifts — Travel Chess | Ten Thousand Villages, #LiveLifeFair

For the Man About Town | Ethical Father's Day Gifts — Key Rack | Ten Thousand Villages, #LiveLifeFair

The Man About Town

Is he always on the go, in meetings all day, or making plans for his next business venture? No worries! First of all, make sure he’ll be home on Father’s Day. Then present him with a Travel Chess Set, or the Wire Key Bike Rack. He’ll love it.


Father's Day Gifts | Parent and Child Statue


The Dependable Dad

He’s been there through thick and thin. He’s guided you, inspired you, and hugged away your hurts over the years. This Father’s Day, tell him just how much he means to you with the Parent and Child Statue. Because sometimes words just aren’t enough.


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