Game On

Looking for a fun night in?

Get the gang together and host a game night! It’s an easy way to encourage togetherness and get social without screens. Here are some tips to plan a night that will make everyone feel like a winner.

It’s time to decorate!

Don’t skip the decorations. They don’t have to be fancy; just add a little something to make your space and the night extra special.

A simple garland is a great way to spice up your game space and even incorporate a theme if you choose. This one is made to look like playing cards and is sure to get the whole bunch in the spirit for a game of Crazy 8’s.

Game Night Garland

Want the kids to feel included? A banner with a personal touch allows the little ones a chance to help out. They can use colored pencils or markers to customize this piece of art for all to see. Adults only? Guests can add their mark to the night by coloring something that will last long after the games are over.

Color your own Game Night Poster

You might even find inspiration around your own house. There’s no reason you can’t repurpose your décor as decoration!

Take your seat

Where will your guests sit? While you are customizing your space with decorations, think about bringing in additional chairs or pillows so that everyone can be comfortable while you play.

The Perfect Night In

Even if it ends up being a small group of close friends or family, some pillows on the floor will make for a fun atmosphere that is different from the every day.

Bon Appétit

With all of the laughter and strategy, your group is sure to work up an appetite. Be sure to have snacks nearby that will be easy to eat and prepare.

How to have a Fair Trade Game Night

Pop popcorn and add toppings for a treat; candies or chocolate drizzle will do the trick. Give everyone their own cup to keep hands and games clean. Also think about making a signature drink to quench the thirst of your competitors.

Choose wisely

Last, but most certainly not least, pick your games! With so many to choose from, your evening itinerary has endless possibilities.

Don’t underestimate the power of a classic. A deck of cards and some dominos can entertain for hours.

Three-In-One Game Box

If you’re feeling in the mood for something new, invite your guests to bring their favorite games.

If you have little ones, they may be too young to play all of the games, so consider including some simple puzzles or their favorite toy so they can still feel part of the action.

Handmade Games and Puzzles

Be creative! This is your night, so add your own flair and have fun, because your family and friends certainly will. Game Night just might become your new favorite tradition.


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