Set Your Holiday Home

Bring twinkling lights and warm spirits to your holiday home from Ten Thousand Villages.


Make a celebration-ready holiday home – Delight in festive knit adornments for your wine bottles.  A peace dove cinnamon box represents the spirit of a calm and cozy night, and a capiz dove carrying an olive branch reminds us that peace is all around us.

Winter Wonder Condiment Bowl - Reindeer

Vibrant red, the color of warmth, will shine through the chill of winter’s night with the Twinkling Lights Candleholder.  This frosted red glass with a cut metal insert allows tiny stars to take shape when candle-lit, or fill with water for a flower-ready vase.

A triple condiment bowl makes serving up sauces, spices, or candies as easy as one, two, three.  The festive reindeer stem is a charming detail that will add holiday splendor to the space that your guests will surely enjoy.

The sunburst tealight holder will bring a warm ray of sunshine into the season that grows dim so early in the day.  And a red retablo gourd nativity will remind you & yours of what the season is all about.

Holiday home decor captures the sentiment of joy and giving with jubilant colors, textures and lights.

Some helpful decorating tips to keep in mind as you set your holiday home:

  • Odd numbers of multiples are more aesthetically pleasing, as they prevent the eye from forming pairs.
  • Height variation will allow the eye to flow easily across the scene, like looking at a city skyline.
  • Textures both smooth and natural make a nice contrast and intriguing tactile sensation.
  • Rule of thirds: try not to set things directly in the middle. If you divide the space (or in this case, tabletop) into thirds, you can achieve a more modern asymmetry.


Spread the joy and celebrate with friends and family this holiday season.  Set up a home that will brighten photo albums and be remembered for years to come.

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