Find Your Handmade, Modern Menorahs at Ten Thousand Villages

Give your menorahs a modern touch this year – find handcrafted menorahs made from upcycled materials, sophisticated blue and white hand-painted ceramic and elegantly smooth kisii stone.


Blue Vine MenorahsBlue Vine Menorah

Bat Trang is a small village with a long history of ceramic crafting.  Situated just east of Hanoi, Vietnam, artisans have produced traditional blue and white pottery dating as far back as the 15th century. The tradition lives on with artisans who paint and glaze each piece by hand and then fire the clay at high temperatures to produce a durable finished product.  These ceramics techniques have been passed down through the generations and now come together to form the ceremonial menorah.  (Wax dots are included to stabilize each candle).

Bird Family MenorahsBird Family Menorah

Get your ducks in a row for Hanukkah with the Bird Family Menorah.  Little ducklings following their mama are made of recycled nuts and bolts, looking every which way like the curious critters they are.  Made by the Cambodian artisan group, Rajana, whose name translates from Khmer to mean “design,” this menorah is a unique design indeed.

Join Together Kisii MenorahsJoin Together Kisii Menorah

From Kenya comes a menorah with a sleek and sophisticated design.  Carved from one solid piece of kisii stone, this menorah takes on intricate winding design, holding candles upright in light to captivate the eye and make it wonder where the shape begins and ends. Kisii is a soft soapstone only found in Kenya.  Easily carved into many shapes, the satiny finish is achieved through an intricate process of waxing and sanding.

Consider a menorah from Ten Thousand Villages to add some individuality to your home and support artisans around the world.

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