The Way to Mom’s Heart is Right Down Memory Lane

Let’s be honest: meaningful Mother’s Day gifts can be a daunting proposition.

How do you convey all your gratitude, admiration, and love in one day, with one gift? That’s just a little pressure! But here are some strategies for letting her know how much she means to you.

1. Shop ethical sources.

Look for a fair trade, artisan-made Mother’s Day gift, so you can feel sure that the maker was paid fairly for their craft, given safe working conditions. The income they earned helped them provide basic necessities for their families, pay for their children’s education and build savings for long-term goals. It’s a responsible choice that shows you care about the well-being of others. Moms love to know that these values and lessons about kindness and respect have stuck with their kids into adulthood.

2. Choose a Mother’s Day gift that captures your favorite memories.

Choose a Mother’s Day gift that represents a memory you have of her. It might relate to something you did together or a pastime she still partakes in. It also might signify something you remember her doing that she doesn’t realize was so special and important to you, which will make it an even sweeter surprise. Write a note in card to explain your gift, and she’ll treasure both forever.


Deep Currents Vase | Fair Trade Mother's Day Gifts from Ten Thousand Villages #LiveLifeFair


Deep Currents Vase

Handcrafted in West Bank

Was the garden second nature to your mom? Handcraft your own bouquet and gift it in a unique, artisan-made vase.


Share the Gift Statue | Fair Trade Mother's Day Gifts from Ten Thousand Villages #LiveLifeFair

Share the Gift Statue

Handcrafted in Burkina Faso

Did she tuck you every night with a story? Crafted in Burkina Faso using the centuries old sculpting technique known as lost wax, this bronze statue celebrates that the love of reading is lasting gift.


Sea Captain's Compass | Fair Trade Mother's Day Gifts from Ten Thousand Villages #LiveLifeFair

Sea Captain’s Compass

Handcrafted in India

Did she take you on great explorations? Whether you went around the block or around the world, a compass represents her adventurous spirit.


Gentle Sea Syrup Pitcher | Fair Trade Mother's Day Gifts from Ten Thousand Villages #LiveLifeFair

Gentle Sea Syrup Pitcher

Handcrafted in Cameroon

Were pancake breakfasts a special ritual? Invite her for brunch and whip up a batch, then gift her a sweet ceramic syrup pitcher.


Eat, Drink, Live Tiffin | Fair Trade Mother's Day Gifts from Ten Thousand Villages #LiveLifeFair

Eat Drink Live Tiffin

Handcrafted in India

Did she pack your lunch with love? Tuck a note written on a napkin inside this tiffin; tiffins are used throughout India to deliver home-cooked lunches to schools and work.

Measured Wisdom Tape Measure | Fair Trade Mother's Day Gifts from Ten Thousand Villages #LiveLifeFair

Measured Wisdom Tape Measure

Handcrafted in Vietnam

Sew she did? Celebrate your memories of matching Easter dresses and the wisdom of wardrobes with an owl measuring tape.



Tea for Two Spoons & Strainer | Fair Trade Mother's Day Gifts from Ten Thousand Villages #LiveLifeFair

Tea for Two Spoons & Strainer

Handcrafted in India

Was she your favorite tea party guest? Real porcelain and good tea deserve to be stirred and steeped with something special.


Any Sentiment Card | Fair Trade Mother's Day Gifts from Ten Thousand Villages #LiveLifeFair

Any Sentiment Card

Handcrafted in the Philippines

A well-thought gift will make her feel honored and appreciated. But for some grown-up kids, just remembering Mother’s Day, and sending a card that arrives (on time!) is a victory. Here’s a tip: It’s the second Sunday in May. Always. So, if don’t live nearby and you won’t see Mom on Mother’s Day, you should get that card and gift in the mail by the Saturday before (as in 8 days before). What should you write? Tell her you love her and tell her why. And that’s advice to live by.


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