Plant Some New Ideas – Garden Supplies and Planters

Plant Some New Ideas – Garden Supplies and Planters

If it’s just a little too early for you to fill those planters with precious posies, why not think outside the pot?

You can make planters functional all over your home!

Corral kitchen utensils:

Green Grove Pot

Green Grove Pot


Relax resourcefully – stash magazines, letters and other cards in this easy to find spot:

Wise Eyes Owl Planter Planters

Wise Eyes Owl Planter


Sort knives, forks and spoons at a picnic or party in an herb planter. Line pots with decorative napkins:

Fragrant Herb Planters
Fragrant Herb Planter


Separate pens, pencils and other office supplies:

Waveforms Triple Planters

Waveforms Triple Planter


Entertain with ease – chill drinks on the patio or store rolled towels in the guest bathroom:

Fern Motif Planters

Fern Motif Planter

Handcrafted by Cambodian artisans who use recycled fish feed bags, this clever pocketed planter is perfect for limited growing spaces like a balcony, deck or patio. Don’t have a kitchen windowsill? You can also bring it inside for a year-round herb garden.

Garden Grow Bag

Garden Grow Bag

What are your most creative uses for planters?