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Pure shea butter benefits.

Silky, luxurious shea butter is a skincare secret brought all the way from Ghana.  In Africa, shea butter is referred to as, “Women’s Gold.” Once processed, this special nut takes on a nourishing quality. It is filled with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which are critical for cellular restoration and moisturizing.

Watch the making of shea butter from the artisans of Ele Agbe in Ghana

Shea Butter Cream from Ghana

This shea butter cream is 100% natural.  Hand-processed by women artisans in Ghana and packaged in a keepsake clay pot, shea butter is a simple pampering indulgence.  By applying shea butter daily, women often notice softer, more radiant skin (Some even see a difference after the first application).

Ten Thousand Villages’ Shea Butter Cream is a multi-functional, all-natural cream.  A very small amount goes a long way, so that 1.5 oz clay pot is sure to last a while.

What sets Ten Thousand Villages fair trade shea butter apart is that not only does the money go towards building a sustainable income for the women of Ghana, but the shea butter is 100% pure shea, while competing products typically include as little as 10% of the shea ingredient.

Natural shea butter from Ghana

Other ways to use this powerful little seed pod

Shea soaps in several aromatic scents:

These soaps are stamped with an Adinkra double-heart to symbolize the bounty of nature and its importance in sustaining life.

Shea Soaps

Shea Lip Butter in several aromatic scents:

Natural shea lip butter from GhanaShea Lip Butters are a healthy way to nourish the lips.  And, since shea nuts are edible after processing, there’s no worry of ingesting harsh chemicals or artificial scents – though we don’t recommend eating!