Springtime Green— a Handmade Table-setting for Easter


Springtime Green— a Handmade Table-setting for Easter

A springtime holiday calls for a table set as fresh as the season.  Begin with a backdrop:  a tablecloth crisp and clean with a delicate floral pattern.  The Garden Tracery Tablecloth is made in the traditional method of block printing, a labor-intensive process where a hand-carved wooden stamp is dipped in dye and stamped to achieve the desired effect.  The repeating pattern is aligned entirely by hand and requires great skill.

Cloth napkins are how you know it’s a special occasion.  With the Garden Tracery Napkin, the simple sophistication of your tabletop backdrop continues seamlessly. And if you’re feeling really crafty, these can be folded to resemble bunny ears.


easter copy

Green is a great color to capture the mood and create a tablescape that pops.  Tea party treats are ideal for a gathering of friends and family to celebrate Easter and springtime.  The Tree of Life Dish features curling branches with white and blue blossoms.  Hand-painted by the artisans of Hebron in West Bank, this appetizer or dessert dish is perfectly sized for a light springtime snack.

With a matching serving bowl and platter, this ceramic set creates a clean, cohesive look.

Glasses and Pitchers

A nice accompaniment to the Tree of Life set is the Phoenician Green Pitcher and Goblets,  also crafted in historic West Bank. Expert glassblowers achieve the unique effect of swirling colors by manipulating recycled glass at just the right temperatures.  This secret method has been a part of local culture for centuries, making the art of Phoenician glassblowing a treasured tradition.

Easter Touches

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Now that you have your table set and ready, let’s get festive.  No holiday is complete without a greeting card.  To commemorate the occasion, jot your sentiments in a beautiful handmade card that can be kept for years to come. The “Hoppy” Easter Card is delightfully springy with textures of handmade paper, copper wire, and recycled soda cans.

When new life is blooming all around, decorate in green.  Your purchase of these handcrafted items supports local artisans who work hard to keep cultural traditions alive and well.