It Takes a Village Gift Set—Mother’s Day by Equal Exchange

“It takes a village to raise a child.”  –African Proverb


Ten Thousand Villages supports mothers all around the world by providing them opportunities to learn new skills and work for a fair wage to support their families.  Some artisan groups provide health care, childcare, or even allow women to work from home so that they can care for their children while earning an income.

Equal Exchange has been our ally in fair trade since 1986.  We continue to grow together and we strive to reach the common goal of fairness and equality worldwide.

Working together is the key to building a better world.

With the purchase of this gift basket from Equal Exchange, 10% of the profit goes towards putting safe and energy-efficient stoves in the homes of Ugandan families. The Gumutindo co-operative aims to clear homes of harmful smoke by providing stoves that use only about half the firewood of a traditional cooking fire.


Why is this gift basket perfect for any mom?

Even moms who have everything can use a little coffee and tea plus some healthy sweets like honey and mango.

The box includes a handcrafted crackle-glaze ceramic mug made by the artisan’s of Vietnam’s Craft Link, This family run business provides meaningful work to women, allowing them the opportunity to support their families, while keeping alive the centuries old tradition of ceramic making in Vietnam.

Mother’s Day Gift Box Includes:
1 can of Organic One Harvest Can – Ground, Full City roast, blend containing coffee from Nicaragua
1 bag of Organic Dried Mango – No added sugar, from Burkina Faso
1 bag of Raisins – from Chile
1 bottle of Honey – from Guatemala
1 jar of Organic Orange Marmalade – made with fair trade sugar from Paraguay
1 jar of Strawberry Jam – made with fair trade sugar from Paraguay
1 box of English Breakfast Tea – from Sri Lanka and India
1 Blue Waters Mug – provided by Ten Thousand Villages, from Vietnam
This gift box is a limited time offer while supplies last.

Looking for more ways to make a difference?

You don’t have to purchase a gift to help the cause.  For a short time, Equal Exchange is offering a chance to win a shopping spree on their website to benefit the Uganda Stove Project.

Enter for your chance to win $500 and Equal Exchange will donate 25¢ to the Uganda Stove Project.

Visit Equal Exchange for details.

Order your Mother’s Day Gift Basket through Equal Exchange today.