How-To: Terrariums – Houseplants Made Easy

The graceful slope of a bell jar emerges from liquid glass.  Bottles have been collected from businesses in the Bolivian town of Cochabamba. They’re melted down and expertly manipulated to assume a shape both simple and stunning.  This will become the terrarium shelter for small plants: sensitive to the elements, calming to our senses.

The ceramic base of the terrarium is constructed by artisans in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Thrown, glazed, and fired all by hand, this piece shines in soothing blue, ready to hold the fertile earth.

When these two pieces are brought together, forming one cohesive unit, we are reminded of the harmony we should strive to achieve in other aspects of life.  These two artisan groups, from different countries and cultures each have a hand in the final product.  Though each piece can exist on its own, they function best when working together.  So it is true for most things.

VIDEO: Setting up your terrarium at home

Terrariums - Blue Planters

Helpful Terrarium Set-Up Tips

  • Place pebbles or stones in the base for drainage.
  • Layer activated charcoal on top to keep the terrarium fresh.
  • Finish with a layer of potting soil.
  • Ensure that each plant you’ve chosen has similar needs for water and sunlight.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, as this could overheat your plants.
  • Try not to overcrowd your plants—for this size, we recommend no more than three.

Open Terrariums

  • If you’d like to create an open terrarium, you can choose vines such as ivy that will hang over the edge.
  • Another advantage of an open terrarium is that direct sunlight is not a problem, but more frequent watering will be required.



The translucence of the bell jar allows sunshine to transcend glass, nurturing the plants that crave light, while maintaining moisture in the soil.  The beauty of terrariums is that they create their own environment and atmosphere.  Watch them rain when the weather outside is sunny, and enjoy the freshness of foliage indoors.

Blue Repose Planter Lombok Vine Plate

Plants grow with minimal space and maintenance.  Behold the beauty of terrariums.