Quiet Forest Necklace

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Slices of tagua nut are dyed serene shades, then combined in this lovely necklace. Tagua adds value to the natural landscape, discouraging deforestation. Also known as “vegetable ivory” tagua is produced by a palm-like tree in South America. Tagua nut’s grain is close and very hard, resembling the finest ivory. The nuts fall to the ground when mature, thus harvesting does not damage the trees. Cultural tradition and forest preservation combine in the use of this renewable resource.

  • 548
  • Tagua nut, string
  • 35L inches
  • Made in Ecuador

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Maquita (MCCH)

Maquita (MCCH)MCCH (Maquita Chuchunchic Comercializando Como Hermanos), meaning “Let us join hands and do business as brothers”in Quechua and Spanish languages, is an Ecuadorian cooperative marketing NGO that works with craft groups scattered around the country, helping them with production, design and marketing. Read more.

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