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On the 20th day of every month we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary! Check our calendar for upcoming events and celerbate 20 years of fair trade in Richmond!


About Us

About Ten Thousand Villages in Richmond, VA

Ten Thousand Villages in Richmond, VA, is a fair trade retailer of artisan-crafted home decor, personal accessories and gift items from across the globe. Featuring products from more than 130 artisan groups in some 38 countries, we are part of a network of over 390 retail outlets throughout the United States selling Ten Thousand Villages products.

As one of the world’s oldest and largest fair trade organizations, Ten Thousand Villages has spent more than 60 years cultivating trading relationships in which artisans receive a fair price for their work and consumers have access to distinctive handcrafted items. We seek to establish long-term buying relationships in places where skilled artisans are under- or unemployed, and in which they lack other opportunities for income. A founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), Ten Thousand Villages sees fair trade as an alternative approach to conventional international trade.

Our Store

Our store in Richmond, Virginia, is located at 3201 West Cary Street, in the historic Carytown district. Free parking is available both on the street and in public parking decks north of Cary Street.

History of Our Store in Richmond

The Richmond store opened in August 1995 and was called Selfhelp Crafts of the World. It was located near the Byrd Theatre and staffed by a Store Manager and a few supporting volunteers. The store grew in success and size over the next few years. The name Selfhelp Crafts of the World was changed to Ten Thousand Villages in 1997. The name of the store was changed to reflect the fact that for many of our craftspeople, the village is where one's heart is, an important symbol of family, tradition, and culture. In June 2001, the store changed its location to its current location at 3201 West Cary Street. Since that time, we have changed the store design. In February 2006, we moved the store offices from upstairs to the basement to make more room for merchandise. In addition, our volunteer numbers have grown significantly, and we now have four full-time staff and one seasonal staff.

Staff Profiles

Karin Taylor - Executive Director & Store Manager

Karin Taylor began working with Ten Thousand Villages in April of 2003. She has served in many capacities (including Volunteer, Outreach Coordinator & Assistant Manager) before becoming the Richmond store's Executive Director in July of 2004.

Karin grew up in Staunton, Virginia. She attended college at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC. After graduation, she worked for several years with nonprofit organizations, including MANNA Food Bank and the American Red Cross. In 2002, she relocated to Richmond to attend graduate school at VCU, where she recieved her Master of Public Administration degree.

International travel, language and culture have always played a big part in Karin's life. She has lived and studied in both Sweden and in Mexico. She has traveled independently quite a bit as well.

Karin has had several opportunities to travel with Ten Thousand Villages, as well. In 2006, she participated in the Learning Tour to India and Bangladesh. And, in 2008, she was invited to attend the Peruvian Handicraft Gift Show, where she presented to artisans and producers on the principles of Fair Trade, Ten Thousand Villages and consumer trends in North America. During these trips, Karin was able to deepen her understanding of Fair Trade and the implications and effects on the lives of artisans.

My One Reason Why: "I know that the work we do at Ten Thousand Villages has a direct impact on the lives of people around the world. This basket is not just a pretty basket, it represents hope, independence and dignity to so many. I like being a part of something so positive!"

Kim O’Grady - Volunteer Program Manager

Kim O’Grady began volunteering with Ten Thousand Villages in 2009. She joined the staff as a seasonal sales associate in September of 2011 and became the Volunteer Program Manager in January of 2012.

Kim grew up in Clare, a small farming community in central Michigan. After graduating from
the University of Michigan with a BA in Sociology she moved to Williamsburg, Virginia, where her husband attended law school. After law school they moved to Richmond. Kim then returned to school and earned her BS in elementary education from VCU. She taught in the Hopewell Public School system for a few years and retired from teaching after the birth of her second child. She then became a “professional volunteer”, volunteering at her church, local schools, Richmond Animal League, Maymont and several other organizations. She discovered Ten Thousand Villages in 2009 and knew she had found her home.

Kim’s One Reason Why: “Ten Thousand Villages provides our artisans the opportunity and
means to live a life of dignity and hope. Ten Thousand Villages also gives our customers and volunteers the ability to make a difference in the lives of people all over the world. I am truly blessed to be part of this incredible organization.”


Volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages in Richmond, VA

Already a Ten Thousand Villages Richmond Volunteer?  Click here to access the Volunteer Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do Volunteers Support the Mission of Ten Thousand Villages?

  • Enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers are vital to the success of Ten Thousand Villages and make it possible for Ten Thousand Villages to lower overhead costs. Volunteers are encouraged to learn as much as possible about the handicrafts we sell and the people who make them. We consider our volunteers to be Fair Trade Ambassadors because with this knowledge, our volunteers serve as advocates for artisans in countries around the world.

What Do Volunteers Do?

  • Sharing artisan stories. Unpacking a hand drum from India. Updating our website. Learning about Fair Trade. Showing a child where Kenya is on the map. Transporting recylables to the recycling center. Restocking the store of handicrafts. Repairing broken items so they can be sold.

    This is a just a sampling of the different types of activities undertaken by Ten Thousand Villages Richmond Volunteers. TTVR Volunteers work in a wide variety of areas and each day is never the same.

  • Volunteers Can Choose To Participate On The Following Teams:

    Customer Service.  Customer Service Volunteers work on a wide variety of activities; from learning and sharing artisan stories with customers to ringing up handicraft sales and wrapping them for safe travels.

    Merchandise.  Merchandise Volunteers work with the handicrafts we sell; restocking the  store, unpacking shipments from all over the world, and repairing items that have been broken.

    Technology.  Technology Volunteers help us with anything & everything electronic!  From maintaining our computer networking system to updating our website.  This is a flexible position that can be an "on-call" volunteer opportunity.

    Steps To Applying

    Applying to volunteer with Ten Thousand Villages Richmond is easy!  Here are the steps associated with the process:

    1.  You submit the Volunteer Application 

    2.  We contact you for a phone interview

    3.  We invite you to an introductory Part I Training

    4.  You participate in Part II Trainings specific to your volunteer team

    Part I Trainings are scheduled for the 1st Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning of every month.  Part II Trainings are scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning of each month (date depends on your volunteer team). 

    *Please Note: Training days are subject to change.*

    If you have any further questions, please contact Kim O'Grady, Volunteer Program Manager at or 358.5170. 

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Store Hours
Monday-Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday: 12 pm - 5 pm