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Discovering Ghanaian Beads Stacy Spivak, Buyer for Ten Thousand Villages

We visit the workshop of Abraham Tetteh, to see the work he does with glass, clay, and flame. He uses his bare hands to position broken glass bottles, deftly avoiding their razor-like edges, and crushes them beneath a stone. Once the glass is ground to a fine powder, it is poured into a clay mold and fired at high temperatures.

When the beads have cooled, they are ready for polishing. Strung on a wire, they are pressed against a rotating sander, giving the sides a smooth finish. This process creates a high-pitched humming sound that resonates throughout the space. The beads are then finely polished in a metal tumbler of Tetteh’s own creation, making his work unique.

Traditionally used as part of a ceremony to celebrate rites of passage for young women, the beads of Ghana were worn around the waist or legs. Modern fashions celebrate this cultural custom simply by adornment on the neck or wrists. To wear the beads has become a way of expressing pride for the country of Ghana. It is a tribute to the ancestors long past, as it is the past which makes us strong. Each bead holds a story, and a history.

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Ele Agbe Company Limited

Ele Agbe Company Limited

Founded in Ghana in 1996, Ele Agbe Company has made its name in ornamental beads, original jewelry designs and handmade home decor. In 1999, Ele Agbe added handcrafted shea butter cosmetics to its product line and began exporting worldwide.

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