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Olive Branch Dove Ornament

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  • Description

    Peace on Earth—a holiday message everyone shares. Dove with olive branch is handcrafted in translucent capiz. Capiz is the thin shell of a marine mollusk. First artisans wash and soak shells. After the shells have dried, they are cut into shapes and edged with metal wire. A finishing coat of varnish completes this labor-intensive process. Before glass windows became available in the Philippines, capiz was used for windows in houses. Decorative only. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Product Details +
    • Capiz, wire
    • 3Lx2H inches
    • Made in the Philippines

    UPC: 732919455595

    SKU: 7913680

  • The Makers
    Saffy Handicrafts

    Saffy HandicraftsSaffy Handicrafts is the business export arm of SAFRUDI, the Social Action Foundation for Rural and Urban Development, a social services organization in the Philippines. SAFRUDI markets products for many small artisan workshops, and runs its own production unit specializing in capiz shell items. Read more.

Reviews (2)

  • LOVE

    . . . . .

    Can't wait to hang it on my tree this Christmas! But for now it is hanging from a window for all of my guests to see:)

  • Beautiful peace dove

    . . . . .

    Beautiful sweet ornament, striking on the tree, would buy again. Olive branch looks like it can break off easily if mishandled/not packed well, but mine is holding up quite well. Nice materials used to make ornament.

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