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Mudra Hands Candleholders

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  • Description

    these graceful tea light holders are shaped in “mudra” gestures, an aspect of Eastern classical dance. In the “Jnana mudra,” the thumb touches the forefinger, with the palm up. This gesture symbolizes wisdom. In the “Varada mudra” the open hand is facing upwards. This gesture symbolizes hope. Symbolically, these two hands holding tea lights convey the following invitation: ”May wisdom guide you and hope sustain you.”

    The text inside the box reads: Handcrafted from terra cotta

  • Product Details +
    • Terra cotta
    • Handmade paper box
    • Tea lights not included
    • 6Wx5Hx2.5H inches
    • Made in Bangladesh

    UPC: 732919437041

    SKU: 6601420

  • The Makers
    Corr-The Jute Works

    Corr-The Jute WorksCORR stands for Christian Organization for Relief and Rehabilitation. Corr–The Jute Works is a women’s nonprofit handicraft marketing trust and exporter of quality handicrafts. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, The Jute Works represents more than 4,000 rural women artisans in 154 workshops. Read more.

Reviews (3)

  • Perfect!

    . . . . .

    I love these candles! They represent wisdom and hope. They are a reminder of the intricate mudras found in classical Indian dance and the stories behind each gesture.

  • Tranquil

    . . . . .

    I purchased these and they are so wonderful! They are beautiful and, when lit in a dark room, are great for helping to set an ambient mood when you want to relax.

  • Gorgeous!

    . . . . .

    This product is truly amazing. My roommate purchased these and I immediately bought a set for myself as well as my sister.

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