Reverse Painted Jungle Tray (Square)

Authentic Fair Trade Product. Ethically sourced. Handcrafted in Peru.


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Edmundo Contreras grew up surrounded by the political violence that terrorized his village. As a young boy, danger seemed like part of everyday life, but when he was old enough to work, he left for Lima, to learn and live on his own. This was where he learned his love for the ancient art of reverse painted glass where details are painted first, then larger color areas, and finally a background is added. And because the design details are layered in this way, errors cannot be corrected, requiring tremendous concentration. This new skill empowered Edmundo to grow and succeed, leaving his troubled past behind him. Allpa and Ten Thousand Villages have helped Edmundo to market his work. With more consistent orders for his products, his workshop has continued to grow and thrive. "I learned a lot in this way. I learned more techniques, designs, also a constant training because now I know that everybody can learn every day."

  • MDF, reverse painted glass
  • 19.5sq inches
  • Handcrafted in Peru

UPC: 732919493863

SKU: 6199230

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    AllpaAllpa is named for a Quechua Indian word that means "earth." Allpa is a Peruvian craft trading company providing marketing assistance to artisan groups and family workshops throughout Peru. In addition, Allpa provides technical help, product development advice, skills training, tools and appropriate equipment to artisans. Read more.

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