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Lambent Crystal Candleholder

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  • Description

    Warm candlelight infuses salt crystal with a lambent glow. Many benefits are ascribed to salt crystal lamps, due to the release of negative ions when heated. This release is said to help in reduction of indoor air pollutants, while benefiting the health of the room’s inhabitants. While these effects might be difficult to measure, the naturally warm and soothing glow created by the light is certain to lend a refreshing spirit to any room.

  • Product Details +
    • Salt crystal
    • 4Dx4H inches
    • Made in Pakistan

    UPC: 732919451016

    SKU: 7402120

  • The Makers
    Dominion Traders

    Dominion TradersDominion Traders works with underprivileged artisans who make stone and shesham wood crafts in the city of Karachi. Read more.

Reviews (3)

  • Uplifts the spirit!

    . . . . .

    These tealight holders are lovely both lit and unlit. Each stone has slightly different color and shape. I'd been eyeing them for some time and finally bought two. I light them near the sink as I'm washing dishes and the flickering glow is both cheerful & calming (whether or not there's something to the medical claims of negating ions in the atmosphere I don't know...but they still feel good). Would love to buy one of the larger lamps at some point in the future

  • Beautiful, warm glow

    . . . . .

    Purchased this candle for myself and loved the warm feeling it gave to the room. Purchased two more for gifts and recipients loved them. One asked for store address and was planning to buy more for relatives.

  • A natural candleholder

    . . . . .

    I purchased this salt crystal candleholder in a store. Mine is more of a pink color but when it is lit, it has the same yellow-orange soft glow as the one pictured. I like that the tea light sits safely inside, and the salt crystal is fairly heavy with a smooth base. It sits sturdily on a flat surface. The outside texture is neat, with mostly bumpy areas and some smooth spots.

    I always get questions and compliments about the candleholder when I have guests over, and they're impressed that it is natural and handmande.

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