Artisan Development

Artisan Development Project

Alleviating poverty in the developing world through fair wages and sustainable work.

Fair trade is a real solution to poverty because it focuses on sustainable work. Fair trade ensures that people are paid a fair price for the goods they create.

The people who make our products are paid good wages — enough to provide food, clothing, housing and education for their families. And we place frequent orders that they can depend on.

In order to be successful businesses in the long term, to sell more products to Ten Thousand Villages and to other retailers, artisan workshops need to be able to create quality samples and deliver marketable products consistently. But in developing countries, this is no small feat.

You can help our artisan partners develop their businesses by contributing to our artisan development fund. Our goal is to build skills and capacity in groups that need it most by providing expertise and resources.

Find out how you can make a difference through our artisan development project.

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