Bright Day Hamper

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  • Description

    Love surprises? Each of these hamper baskets is one of a kind because no two saris are alike. Authentic sari garments come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that are as vibrant as the culture they come from. When recycled sari cotton is wrapped around kaisa grass, it can be woven into a striking basket, with a color and pattern all its own. What will make yours distinctive and special?

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  • Product Details +
    • Kaisa grass, recycled cotton sari fabric
    • Colors and patterns vary
    • 18Dx28H inches
    • Made in Bangladesh

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  • The Makers

    HajiganjHajiganj is a group of women artisans in one of the poorest areas in Bangladesh, where people are mostly dependent on hiring out to rich farmers who pay very low wages. Read more.

Reviews (2)

  • I Wish I had a reason to buy more!

    . . . . .

    I have now purchased two of these baskets and use them to keep my laundry sorted, and I keep trying to come up with reasons that I might need more! They are very well-made and have become a focal point in my bedroom... I'm thinking I might need to get another for blanket-storage in my living room :-).

  • Great hamper!

    . . . . .

    So far the hamper is very sturdy; the colors are amazing! I love it!

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