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A Perfectly Designed 2016

A Perfectly Designed 2016

Every season has its own sensation. There’s a purpose behind the passing of time. And animals and insects adapt to these yearly patterns: swift migration or shedding of fur, changing color to become one with the environment. How do we change our homes? Do we add more blankets to nestle in? Do we throw more color onto the walls? Homes are as unique as the people who live inside them, and the way they shift are as different as the ways we all react to the passing of seasons. All that’s important is that we feel at ease in the environments that we create for ourselves. Quiet moments help us consider what shape our year will take. What colors, textures and patterns will we surround ourselves with, in order to feel the most at ease, the most in tune with nature?


Soft mists of early winter’s dawn, where frost gathers on pine cones and fallen leaves rest on a freshly frozen lake. The white of snow is contrasted against brown tree-bark, and the sunlight of a new day is the most delicate pink. Icy blue is a comforting hue too, with its crystalline crispness that seems to glow off the snow itself. Geometrics mimic the shapes of ice crystals and glacial formations, while faceted shapes fit together perfect as puzzle pieces. Structure meets natural flow with methodical unpredictability.

Geometrics come into play, with patterns inspired by honeycomb, executed in industrial materials: cool cement, iron and glass.

A Perfectly Designed 2016 — WINTER #FairTrade #TenThousandVillagesA Perfectly Designed 2016 — WINTER #FairTrade #TenThousandVillages


Blues and greens celebrate new life and a new, fresh season. Delicate plant-life emerges, still so vulnerable and frail against the receding chill. As the thaw begins, horizontal lines of strata can be seen once more, layers of brown and blue. A birds-eye view admires the randomness of river against soft, earthy bank. Slowly, nature takes over once more, twirling its vines through the concrete of winter, delicately conquering. From space, the shapes of the land can be drawn and topography shows its peaks and canyons for a dynamic pattern.

This is a time for burlap and galvanized steel, taking materials from the garden shed and bringing them inside the home.

A Perfectly Designed 2016 — SPRING #FairTrade #TenThousandVillagesA Perfectly Designed 2016 — SPRING #FairTrade #TenThousandVillages


The spectrum of nature’s color is limitless. Feathers, leaves, fruits and insects are saturated in some of the most vibrant colors known to the eye. These colors play with light, reflecting the vibrancy of the sun, but still seeming to glow at night like neon. Jungle vines come inside and grasses are woven into furniture, baskets and rugs for a natural look. Reeds turn to wicker and furniture emerges. Patterns of past civilizations come together from cultures far and wide, bringing a spice from distant lands to even the most minimalistic setting—the perfect finishing touch, a breath of ancient life.

Colors blur and stain plain white. Pops of bright citrus bring a hint of acidic flavor to the room, just enough to make the sweet even sweeter.

A Perfectly Designed 2016 — SUMMER #FairTrade #TenThousandVillagesA Perfectly Designed 2016 — SUMMER #FairTrade #TenThousandVillages


Maker culture is delivered in handwriting and carved wood. Stitched and studded, patchworked, hammered, pieced together with care and craft. Wood grain is cherished here, leather is precious. And what was once iron turns to brass. Warm and metallic—gilded, even. Copper is hammered for a texture both shiny and rough. Makers’ tools play a part too, scissors for snipping twine, teacups for sipping tea. Tidiness and function meets comfort. Turquoise tones are set against brown, gold and chocolate brown in the meticulous patterns of pottery painters—all perfectly symmetrical, but still showing the tremble of a human hand.

Herbs hang to dry while apothecary jars are corked and shelved. Slanted script shows a recipe of a mother, a grandmother, handed down. Cherished. Sunlight becomes slanted and shines on smoothly sanded wood, hewn by hand.

perfectly designed 2016A Perfectly Designed 2016 — FALL. #FairTrade #TenThousandVillages

With each season, comes change. New temperatures, colors, sights, and smells make us nostalgic for years gone by, but also help us experience each year in a new way. We translate these feelings into something visual and tactile that we can surround ourselves in as our nests shift, in preparation for each new weather.

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