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A Fair Trade Necklace for the One who Rules Your Universe

A Fair Trade Necklace for the One who Rules Your Universe

Throughout history, the sun and moon have been used for guidance and illumination, and, as a society, we have oriented our schedules around their patterns. They are so essential to our world, that life as we know it would not exist without them.

Perhaps you have someone in your life who plays a similarly integral role. Pardon us for being a bit cheesy, but for that person who is your sun and moon, the hand-painted Sun & Moon Necklace from our artisan partners in India is a perfect gift.

Hand-Painted Sun and Moon Necklace

The sun and moon images featured in this piece are hand-painted on paper in a style that is traditional to Rajasthan, India.

Artisans create each intricate image individually with fine brushes. The delicate paintings are then placed in a sterling silver and glass case, creating a stunning, versatile pendant. This type of miniature painting was originally kept in boxes and passed from hand to hand. It is not as popular today as it once was, but there are still artisans creating beautiful images in this centuries-old style.

Hand-Painted Sun and Moon Necklace

This style of painting may be ancient, but the idea to create a double-sided necklace is an innovation. Our designers worked with our partners at Uma Enterprises, a workshop of Craft Resource Center to develop this product. One of the principles of our ethical business model is design collaboration. By working with artisan groups over time, we learn about their strengths and challenges, and we help them understand what our customers want. We work together to utilize the unique skills of our artisan partners, creating culturally infused products that balance trend and tradition.

Rajiv - Hand-Painted Sun and Moon Necklace

Rajiv is an artisan who specializes in miniature painting. He was taught to paint by his father, and he has been working in this medium since he was 20 years old. Although he can paint a wide range of subjects, Indian gods and goddesses are his most frequent assignments.

Fair trade partnerships create access to new markets for Rajiv’s work and ensure that he is paid fairly and consistently.

Hand-Painted Sun and Moon Necklace

By gifting the hand-painted Sun & Moon Necklace, you can show someone you love just how important a part they play in your life, while helping to preserve an ancient art and support a sustainable livelihood for makers like Rajiv.

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