Blue Batik Card Set


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  • Description

    Designs are drawn by pencil onto white cotton cloth. The cloth is waxed and the brightest color dyed first, with the waxed area resisting the dye. The process is repeated with wax put on the area of the picture where the maker wishes to retain the previous color. The process continues until the last color (the darkest) is applied. The whole picture is then covered in wax. When the wax dries it is cracked and the picture is dipped in black dye to give the distinctive batik appearance.

    Artisans of Nepal’s Lydia Trading handcraft these batiked floral cards with cotton fabric on handmade paper. Makes a lovely gift too, in blue batiked box with big buttons on the side.

  • Product Details +
    • Handmade paper, cotton fabric
    • All-occasion cards
    • Set of 6
    • Assorted floral designs
    • 6Hx4.5W inches
    • Made in Nepal

    UPC: 732919444889

    SKU: 5902080

  • The Makers
    Lydia Trading

    Lydia TradingLydia Trading is the exporting arm of the Nepal Leprosy Trust (NLT), a nonprofit organization in Nepal. NLT works with people affected by leprosy or disadvantaged in other ways, through a range of income-generating, social welfare and medical projects. Read more.

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  • Beautiiful!

    . . . . .

    Beautifully made cards, look gorgeous held up to a window.

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