The Craven Family Band in the Cafe

January 10, 2014

6:30--8:30 p.m.

Tim Craven, founder of The Craven Family Band, became a leader in the folk music scene in the 1970s. Today, Tim plays original and traditional American music with his son Connor and his wife Kimberly. Tim was the original lead singer for the bluegrass band "Whetstone Run." A graduate of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Tim has served as a pastor in the Lutheran church since 1987. Once he shared a bill with legendary bluegrass singer Bill Monroe, who told all the people waiting in line to talk to him to "make way . . . bring that singin' preacher up here. I like the way he sings."

Kimberly Bates Craven has been playing the acoustic bass with Tim for concerts from Maine to Kansas and from Illinois to North Carolina since 1979. Her steady hand and eagle eye keep the band in line. She is developing a sweet singing voice to match her smile.

Connor Bates Craven taught himself how to play the guitar. He has a great ear, a deep rich voice and writes strong hard hitting poetic imagery. Connor is working on a CD of his own and the early recordings so far are a cause for great excitement.