Robert Bobby Duo in the Cafe

February 7, 2014

6:30--8:30 p.m.

Robert Bobby has been a staple of the Central Pennsylvania music scene for more decades than Tim McCarver played major league ball. Robert Bobby was born in Philadelphia and grew up in the suburbs. As a young teenager, his brother introduced him to the music of Bob Dylan and that was the doorway into his own musical adventure. He has been favorably reviewed by music critics in Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, Sing Out! and numerous other publications. Robert Bobby is known for his way with words, his sense of humor, passionate voice and his ability to connect with an audience.

Mrs. Bobby learned to play the bass around the time her AARP membership arrived in the mail, and is an inspiration to anyone who has ever wished they could learn to play a musical instrument. The York County, PA native brings her vast knowledge of roots music to the mix and joy that is evident in her performance. Above all, she’s Mrs. Bobby.

If you like acoustic music that is rooted in singer-songwriters of the past but not stuck in it, a variety of styles, a good laugh now and then, a voice to remember, and seeing a couple who enjoy playing for an attentive audience, you are invited to spend an evening with .

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Exposure to Robert Bobby’s blend of folk, singer/songwriter, Americana and blues could prove to be habit forming. A live performance by Robert Bobby and Mrs. Bobby has been known to cause the following symptoms: uncontrollable toe-tapping, infectious laughter, the occasional tugging of the heart, provocation of thought, and general feeling of warmth.