Heart and Soul in the Cafe

June 13, 2014

Heart and Soul in the Café

Friday, June 13

6:30-8:30 p.m.

Heart and Soul is a Harrisburg-based acoustic music duo who play covers from eight decades, featuring guitars, vocals, clarinet, percussion and mandolin.

Ed and Maureen Mashas, Heart and Soul, are married to each other, have day jobs in public education and a passion for music—the music of others as well as their own. They have been around music as long as they can remember; garage bands, marching band, and praise and worship teams. Ed plays guitars and mandolin and sings. Maureen sings (like a bird) plays clarinet and bangs on things (percussion).

Their interest is to give listeners a few moments of reprieve by playing music that takes you to happy times, makes you forget about what troubles you, and occasionally causes you to ponder. They have three children (one of each—classic Woody Allen reference), a therapy dog, and a love for each other, friends, canoeing, birding, and all matters spiritual as well as world missions. They support a child in Peru via Compassion International and strive to be good citizens of mother earth.