Xochipilli is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that helps artisans find permanent markets for their products. Xochipilli and its sister organization, Xochiquetzal, an alternative trade marketing group, are named for the Prince and Princess of Flowers in Aztec mythology. The two divinities are associated with love, creativity and self-expression. With a goal of achieving permanent markets, these joint organizations benefit hundreds of families in south-central Mexico through training in marketing and product development. They work to generate local employment for artisans and create sustainable community development.

Xochipilli, based in Cuernavaca, was formed in 1990 to market and promote Mexican crafts. Xochipilli artisans focus on low-fire ceramics, but also produce high-fire ceramics, tinware, hand-blown glass, and onyx and alabaster items.

Ten Thousand Villages purchases pressed ceramic nativity plates, ornaments, candleholders, lanterns, musical instruments and tableware from Xochipilli. Ten Thousand Villages has purchased products from Xochipilli since 1994.

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