Filipinas Fair Trade Ventures


Filipinas Fair Trade Ventures seeks to gain market access for community-based enterprises in the Philippines, and to help sustain them until they reach their full potential. As they describe themselves, "[We are] a young and dynamic organization…made up of committed and competent people who have come together… in revitalizing the craft industry [in the Philippines]." Filipinas organizes artisans according to a variety of products, including tableware, linens, handmade paper, jewelry, accessories and small furniture. Some 900 artisans are organized within 90 workshops. Many work from home.

Filipinas started in 2002 as the marketing arm of Advocate of Philippines Fair Trade Inc., or APTI, a development nongovernmental organization dedicated to alleviating poverty by providing training and technical assistance to micro-enterprises.

Ten Thousand Villages sells tableware from Filipinas Fair Trade Ventures. Ten Thousand Villages began purchasing from Filipinas in 2009.

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