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Celebration Sari Gift Wrap

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  • Description

    Squares of colorful saris are an eco-friendly alternative to paper gift wrap. Includes instructions for four different ways to tie and fold, for any shape of gift. And since the fabric is reusable, it can double as a fashionable neckerchief, becoming part of the gift.

  • Product Details +
    • Cotton
    • Colors and patterns vary
    • 26sq inches
    • Made in Bangladesh

    UPC: 732919471502

    SKU: 6621200

  • The Makers

    HajiganjHajiganj is a group of women artisans in one of the poorest areas in Bangladesh, where people are mostly dependent on hiring out to rich farmers who pay very low wages. Read more.

Reviews (2)

  • Easier than it looks

    . . . . .

    If like me, you are looking at this product but thinking, “What are the chances MY gift is going to look like the gift in the picture?” fear not. Clear instructions are included with the wraps. It is easier to wrap a cuboidal gift with these sari wraps than with regular wrapping paper. The bottle wrap took a few tries, but the other good thing about these sari wraps is that you can tie and retie them as many times as you want.

  • Assorted, versatile, beautiful

    . . . . .

    These are incredibly versatile. Yes, it can be used as gift wrap, but there are so many other uses for a big square of cotton fabric: scarf, table topper, wallhanging, sew it into a pillow, carrying things, etc. I especially love mine as a scarf - fold in half into a triangle, loosely tie a square knot at the back of the neck, fluff a little, and voila! Note that the pattern pictured is just one of the infinite possibilities of pattern - these are assorted. I saw them displayed at the store in multiple colors and patterns. So if you're going to buy from the site, you will probably be surprised by what pattern/color arrives. If you do want to use this as gift wrap, there are lots of ways to tie it. 4 different ways are shown on the tag, but you can find videos on YouTube and books showing all kinds of artful ways to tie a Furoshiki (that's the Japanese word for this kind of fabric.) I love this item - well worth the price!

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