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Galimoto Boy

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  • Description

    In Africa, homemade galimotos are fashioned by children out of anything from sticks to cornstalks, and can be vehicles of any sort. This ingeniously crafted “galimoto” push-toy bicycle rider is created from shaped wire wrapped around fabric by artisans of the Chuma Wires workshop based in the Dandora area of Nairobi, Kenya. Chuma Wires provides valuable work for artisans who have little or no other opportunities for employment in this marginal section of Kenya’s sprawling capital.

  • Product Details +
    • Wire and cloth
    • 24H inches (including handle)
    • Made in Kenya

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  • The Makers
    OTICART International Limited

    OTICART International LimitedOTIC, a privately held export and marketing company, seeks to help local artisans connect with export markets. OTIC provides export, packaging and quality control support for a number of small workshops in and around Nairobi. Read more.

Reviews (9)

  • fantastic toy

    . . . . .

    My 2.5 year old loves this. She asks to go on walks so she can push it along, and then she runs instead of walks. It makes getting to the playground so much faster. Big hit!

  • Wonderful meaningful fun

    . . . . .

    I bought this little guy for my son when he was 2...he's 7 now and we love him. It's great bringing him up every one in a while and sharing where he came from. My son loves when we have handmade things from all over the world. Great gift for any little one! And since he's made of metal if he warps it's an easy light twist.

  • Simple, Wonderful Toy

    . . . . .

    I am a kindergarten/first grade volunteer at our school and use the Galimoto story and the Galimotos as the year end activity. I read the story (depending on the grade I edit for their attention level) and then we play with the Galimotos. I now have 16 so some kids have to double up. I also have small traffic cones (I got them from Oriental Trading Company) that we set up in the classroom and the kids just go haywire. I've done this for over 10 years. In the beginning I tried to devise a game but young kids don't follow game rules very well. I found it better that we just set up the cones, give them a Galimoto, and let them have at it. It is always great fun. I got my first Galimoto while visiting my grandson in Minnesota 6 years ago. He and I and the other grandma bought 3 of them and we created a lot of interest on the street outside the Ten Thousand Villages store in St. Paul. I know from experience that kids up to 6 love these.

  • My son loves it - holds up to a 3 year old

    . . . . .

    This guy is so fun! My son has had it for a year and it's still working perfectly. He loves to race it around the house and watch his legs pump furiously. The fact that the wheels are wrapped with thread makes them grip the ground better so it doesn't just slide over our hardwood floors. sometimes we have to bend the wheels back in line, but it still works even if they look wobbly.

    I bought this for him along with the Galimoto book and it was a perfect pair. Today he chose to bring it to preschool for show and tell.

  • Nice toy

    . . . . .

    Nice clever toy. It moves and is very whimsical and colorful

  • Awesome toy kids had a blast with it.

    . . . . .

    Awesome toy kids had a blast with it.

  • wonderful children's toy - indestructable!

    . . . . .

    We purchased a galimoto at a store in Rhode Island a few years ago for our daughter when she was 2 or 3 to have something to play with while I walked around the outlets to shop for work clothes. It has been a favorite toy ever since now for our son. It is almost indestructable and so simple and so full of joy!

  • simple fun!

    . . . . .

    My daughter play with this everytime we are in our local 10,000 villages store, so she was delighted to receive one of her own this past Christmas. She plays with it all the time, which proves that the simplest of toys can hold the most joy. The little guy/girl on the bike is so cute as it pedals fast or slow as she pushes him along by the long handle. We all enjoy playing with it!

  • Lots of fun for adults, too!

    . . . . .

    I bought one of these for my husband shortly after Ten Thousand Villages first started carrying them. Ours hangs on the wall beside a work of art I made that symbolizes out family (the colors are perfect - still bright and vivid after all these years). The design hasn't changed much over the years - now the rider and vehicle is just a bit larger. My husband liked it so much, that when they came out with a bicycle built for two, I bought that for him as well (that has since been discontinued).

    I also bought one recently for a four year old. She told me she had one at home that she couldn't play with - so I bought her one that she was supposed to play with. She was supposed to share it with her older brother... Well... you know how that goes.... The Galimoto was hers (smile).

    When I was shopping a "Villages" affiliate store, the volunteer was playing with one and was having a ball. The store had just gotten in a shipment. I told him he needed to buy one. His response? "I already have one".

    These are fun for children - but don't rule out the adults in your life who could use one, too.

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