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Galimoto Girl

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  • Description

    In Africa, children make galimotos out of anything from sticks to cornstalks. Galimotos can be vehicles of any sort. This bicycling girl is made from cloth-wrapped wire. Watch the rider’s legs “pedal” as the wheels move. Created by artisans of the Chuma Wires workshop based in the Dandora area of Nairobi, Kenya. Chuma Wires provides valuable work for artisans who have little or no other opportunities for employment in this marginal section of Kenya’s sprawling capital.

  • Product Details +
    • Wire, cloth
    • Assorted designs
    • 26H inches
    • Made in Kenya

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    SKU: 4106460

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  • The Makers
    OTICART International Limited

    OTICART International LimitedOTIC, a privately held export and marketing company, seeks to help local artisans connect with export markets. OTIC provides export, packaging and quality control support for a number of small workshops in and around Nairobi. Read more.

Reviews (3)

  • Love

    . . . . .

    My niece and nephew- 2 and 4 - love these. I love playing with it too♡ great toy even better price

  • Young children LOVE these!

    . . . . .

    Years ago I bought two of these. For years, any young child (even newly walking toddlers) who comes to our home has loved these. They will spend hours and hours running through the house with them. They especially love to race, and it's good exercise for adults to try to keep up. Older children will play with them too. They're pliable, so if the bicycle "crashes" you can easily rebend them into place. Ours are really beat up--but still working. I'm buying more to have on hand to give away. The BEST toy I've ever purchased.

  • Great gift idea! Fun for everyone

    . . . . .

    I have purchased three of these girl galimotos as gifts. Only one was for a child. These make perfect gifts for your adult friends and relatives, too. She sure brought a smile to brother's face today when I presented him with his birthday gift. He hung it right up on the wall for his wife to see (in a hook for the Christmas garland). Yes, he does have granddaughters. I will eventually have to purchase more girls so each family can have their own. I picked out one for my brother with a single braid to remind his granddaughter of his aunt (I wear my hair in a long braid). They come in other hair styles, too -- all dressed in bright colors. My young friend picked out one with two braids.

    I do have two galimotos myself, too (2 different styles) - purchased in the early 90's. Both were gifts for my husband.

    These are an exceptional value.

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