Circuit Board Keepsake Box

Authentic Fair Trade Product. Ethically sourced. Handcrafted in India.

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Keepsakes, nuts and bolts, jewelry, flash drives. Keep any and all in this unique little treasure box, created from repurposed, pre-consumer computer parts. Made by artisans of Village Crafts, a group based in Sarai Tarin, India. Village Crafts trains artisans to make items of horn, bone, resin and wood.

  • Repurposed computer parts, medium density fiberboard
  • 3SQx2H inches
  • Made in India

UPC: 732919467512

SKU: 6829010

  • The Makers
    Tara Projects

    Tara ProjectsTARA Projects stands for “Trade Alternative Reform Action.” Working in a 125-mile radius of Delhi, TARA is a fair trade program for community development and business. Read more.

  • Reviews (2).....
    • Great gift for anyone who loves tech
      . . . . .

      I have given this and the matching photo frame as gifts, one to my brother in law who works for Google, and one to my father in law who worked in telephone and electronics all his life. They both spent a little while identifying the source of the components that the box/frame (an old TV panel was t...

    • Gets peoples attention!
      . . . . .

      i work for a technology firm and we use these boxes to package our usb's that we give out to clients. our clients love the concept of how we use these boxes that we've purchased and how the box looks, feels, and also what the purchase of the box means by helping others. great product. ...