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Poocharam Federation

Poocharam Federation

Vellore, India
Poocharam Kaniyambadi Block Federation For Rural Women Self Help Groups, orPoocharam Federation, is a community-based organization committed to artisan development. based in Vellore, India, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The organization is focused on empowering women, and seeks to rectify gender inequality by giving women financial power. Artisans are all women from disadvantaged landless families. Poocharam Federation is also proud of its advocacy work in encouraging women to be politically involved. Currently, some 30 women leaders within Poocharam Federation hold local office, and the organization continues to encourage political and community involvement among its members. Benefits for artisans include HIV prevention training and other empowerment programs, loan programs, and a uniform and education fund. Poocharam Federation also supports programs for primary school children and environmental awareness.

Poocharam Federation


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