Deep Seas Earrings

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  • Description

    The natural beauty of purple spondylus shell from the seas off Peru. Hand-worked sterling silver provides the perfect complementary setting.

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    • Spondylus shell, sterling silver
    • .75L inches
    • Made in Peru

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  • The Makers

    AllpaAllpa is named for a Quechua Indian word that means "earth." Allpa is a Peruvian craft trading company providing marketing assistance to artisan groups and family workshops throughout Peru. In addition, Allpa provides technical help, product development advice, skills training, tools and appropriate equipment to artisans. Read more.

Reviews (2)

  • beautiful!

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    These are really very nice earrings, super nice, but you'll need your own backs because the pretty ones they come with don't hold.

  • Beautiful and well-crafted

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    There earrings are beautiful! I was surprised by the price: this seems low to me as they are (1) handcrafted from Spondulus shell, (2) sterling silver, and (3) crafted with skill- the quality is very good. Buying these from our local store I was able to choose between some pairs with darker and brighter tones (I chose the brightest of the two).
    This product is subtle enough for a gift for varying styles: they are simple and delicate, but also culturally unique and an original piece to wear. I love them!

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