Desert Drama Earrings


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  • Description

    Tuareg “ax” design is traditionally used on wedding necklaces to symbolize the tools a bride uses to shape hearth and home. This handcrafted jewelry is made from smoked soapstone, polished, etched and decorated with black leather dye. From Tuareg artisans of Niger in Saharan North Africa. The Tuareg are found in Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali and Chad. Traditionally nomadic herders, some Tuareg now cultivate crops in fertile oases, or work as traders.

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    • Stone, metal
    • 1Wx1H inches
    • Made in Niger

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  • The Makers
    Union of Peasants for Self Development

    Union of Peasants for Self Development

    Artisans working with the Union of Peasants for Self Development (UPAP) make traditional Tuareg leather handicrafts and silver jewelry. The Tuareg, nomadic herders of Saharan north and west Africa, now also work as traders or cultivate crops in fertile oases. Tuareg artisans of UPAP use income from craft production to supplement their subsistence farming and other livelihoods.

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Reviews (2)

  • Desert Beauties

    . . . . .

    Never have encountered soapstone before but these have become my go-to earthy earrings. Not too heavy and I love the design and authenticity!

  • Beautifully Worked

    . . . . .

    As a connossieur of Tuareg jewelry I was stoked to find this alternative stone version of their work-- most of the pieces I own are in silver or leather. These earrings are beautifully etched and the smoked color has stayed consistent over time. Would love to one day see a slightly larger, more dramatic version in stone or leather (though I realize this might get a bit heavy)

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