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Elephant Shelf Sitter

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  • Description

    The Elephant Shelf Sitter will add a joyous feeling to any room! Jacaranda wood is sustainably harvested and carved by the artisans of the workshop Kichaka Poa in Kenya.

  • Product Details +
    • Jacaranda wood
    • 8H inches
    • Handmade in Kenya

    UPC: 732919507584

    SKU: 4107120

  • The Makers
    OTICART International Limited

    OTICART International LimitedOTIC, a privately held export and marketing company, seeks to help local artisans connect with export markets. OTIC provides export, packaging and quality control support for a number of small workshops in and around Nairobi. Read more.

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  • Excellent Gift!

    . . . . .

    I purchased this as a gift for my grandmother who loves elephants and has always dreamed of visiting Kenya and Tanzania. I knew she would appreciate the handmade quality and knowing that it was fair-trade. I was also able to show her a picture from the website of one of the artisans carving these exact elephant shelf sitters and she almost cried. It wasn't the same as getting to go to Africa and meet the artisan, but it gave her that history behind the piece that made it more personal. She said this elephant had a whimsical quality to him and she couldn't wait to get him and put him in her library!

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